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   Team of Archaeologists Find Ancient Roman Ships Near Island

info Coordination marée noire
vendredi 24 juillet 2009
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A team of archaeologists using sonar technology to scan the seabed have discovered a "graveyard" of five pristine ancient Roman shipwrecks off the small Italian island of Ventotene.

The trading vessels, dating from the first century BC to the fifth century AD, lie more than 100 meters underwater and are amongst the deepest wrecks discovered in the Mediterranean in recent years, the researchers said on Thursday, informs Reuters.

The ships are submerged between 100 and 150 meters (about 330 to 490 feet) off Ventotene, a tiny island that is part of an archipelago off Italy’s west coast between Rome and Naples.

The ships carried amphorae — vases used for holding wine, olive oil and other products — as well as kitchen tools and metal and glass objects that have yet to be identified, Italy’s Culture Ministry said. The spot was highly trafficked, and hit by frequent storms and dangerous sea currents.


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