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   Greek port workers suspend strike against Cosco

info Coordination marée noire
samedi 17 octobre 2009
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citations de l'article provenant de : cnbc

Workers at Greece’s Piraeus Port suspended on Saturday a strike against a deal allowing China’s Cosco Pacific to operate two piers, after the new government brokered a cooling-off period. "The strike is suspended until Nov. 2," George Nouhoutides, head of the dockworkers’ union said. Talks will be held during the cooling off period to review the deal. The walkout began on Oct. 1, the day Cosco Pacific took over management of the piers at the state-controlled port, Greece’s biggest. Cosco, the world’s fifth-largest port operator, struck the 3.4 billion euro ($5 billion), 35-year concession deal with Greece’s previous conservative administration, which was voted out of office in Oct. 4 elections.


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