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   Sheen lingers 2 weeks after Port Arthur oil spill

info Coordination marée noire
vendredi 5 février 2010
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citations de l'article provenant de : Houston Chronicle

A sheen lingered on a Port Arthur waterway Friday from a tanker collision nearly two weeks ago that spilled 462,000 gallons of oil, the Coast Guard said.

The Jan. 23 crash involving an 800-foot tanker and a towboat pushing two barges at the Sabine-Neches Waterway closed the passage for several days.

"We are still working to clean the oil spill," Lt. j.g. Kyle Carter told The Associated Press. The cause of the accident also remains under investigation.

The spill left more than a dozen animals dead or coated in oil. Five birds were found dead. Three birds are recovering, four were in rehabilitation and released, while another died in rehab, Carter said. He said one dog that got into the oil also was cleaned.

No injuries were initially reported in the collision. But three workers who say they were hurt while on a docked vessel allegedly struck by the tanker Eagle Otome have filed a lawsuit against the ship’s owner.

The three say they have neck, back and pelvis injuries, plus suffered from exposure and inhalation of hydrogen sulfate, the Beaumont Enterprise reported Friday. Their suit seeks damages of up to $15 million.


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