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   Rough seas flood oil rig

info Coordination marée noire
samedi 15 août 2009
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Amidst heavy, persistent showers, members of the Coast Guard were yesterday called out to the Gulf of Paria, off Trinidad and Tobago’s west coast, to rescue some 90 crew members on board a rig after its floatation device began accumulating water.

However, officials on board the ABAN Pearl managed to get the situation under control some time later, allowing the crew members to remain safely on the vessel.

Up to news time, though, officials were still trying to determine what caused the choppy waters to seep into the rig.

The ABAN Pearl, a semi-submersible rig, was located two nautical miles, south-western end, off Point Baline, Gasper Grande Island.

It was said to be headed for neighbouring Venezuela at the time of the mishap.

Amatrin Marine are the local agents for the vessel. The rig had been in dry dock in Chaguaramas earlier in the week for maintenance.

Public relations officer of the Coast Guard Kirk Jean-Baptiste said they received the distress call at Staubles Bay around 3.15 pm yesterday.

“We were told that the oil rig, the Pearl, was leaning to the side because the floatation device was taking in water,” Jean-Baptiste said in a telephone interview.

Jean-Baptiste said a Coast Guard crew was immediately despatched to the vessel.


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