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   Cruise ship runs aground in Nunavut

info Coordination marée noire
dimanche 29 août 2010
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A Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker has arrived in western Nunavut to help remove about 200 passengers and crew from a cruise ship that ran aground Friday night.

Jean-Pierre Sharp, a coast guard officer with the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Trenton, Ont., said the Amundsen was closing in on the stranded ship and was assessing the area to ensure it was safe to approach.

“Once he feels it’s safe, he’s going to approach to within four nautical miles, anchor and then start transferring passengers,” Sharp said.

The Clipper Adventurer operated by Mississauga, Ont.-based Adventure Canada became grounded on an uncharted rock in about three metres of water shortly after 7 p.m. local time Friday, just a day before the Arctic expedition was to come to an end.

According to the company, the sea was calm at the time, visibility was good, it was sunny and there was no wind or swell.

The company said efforts to dislodge the vessel during high tide Saturday were unsuccessful and that it is sitting with a slight list but is stable.

The passengers and crew aboard the ship are reportedly safe and unharmed.


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