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   India acts on age and class of tankers

London P&I club - issue 31, august 2003
info Coordination marée noire lundi 1er décembre 2003

A recent Indian government circular issued by the Directorate General of Shipping introduces new restrictions on the age and classification of foreign-flag tankers calling at the country’s ports, with effect from September 1 this year.

Crude oil and product tankers with SBT/PL, as well as chemical carriers, should be below 25 years of age. Gas tankers are to comply fully with the GC/IGC Code and should be below thirty years of age. All tankers above twenty years of age must have at least CAP 2 rating from IACS, for hull, machinery and cargo equipment.

Moreover, the government stipulates that all tankers calling at Indian ports must be classed with a ’major’ IACS society, or with the Indien Register of Shipping.

(James Mackintosh & Co Pvt Ltd, Mumbai)

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