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They are stranded in Visakhapatnam without food and water

   Crew of abandoned ship approach HRC

info Coordination marée noire
mercredi 1er décembre 2010
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citations de l'article provenant de : The Hindu

The crew of a Flag of Convenience (FOC) ship abandoned by its deemed-to-be owner in Croatia are stranded in Visakhapatnam forcing them to go without food and water.

“For past three days, the generators have stopped working and the survival of 15 Indians and seven other crew members from Myanmar, Ukraine, Montenegro and Philippines is under threat,” International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) Inspector B.V. Ratnam told The Hindu on Tuesday.

The crew filed a petition before the Chairman, AP State Human Rights Commission, Hyderabad, on Monday.

The ship m.v. Glory 1 bearing a Panama flag is operated by Ratko Bozic of Split Ship Management, Croatia. He is deemed to be vessel owner. It was built in 1981.

The ship which came to Mumbai in August is chartered by Coromandel International Limited to import rock phosphate for its fertilizer plant in the city. Jyothi Shipping Agency is the owner’s agent.

The crew who `arrested’ the vessel following orders from AP High Court on September 10 are on strike demanding back wages to the tune of $97,087.


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