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   End of an era for Germany’s most famous shipyard

info Coordination marée noire
mercredi 31 août 2011
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Quintessentially German Blohm +Voss Shipyard is due to become part of the Au Dhabi Mar Group soon and pass out of majority German ownership - but not presumably German shipbuilding hands - after nearly 135 years, writes Tom Todd.

The sale of an 80% share in the Hamburg shipbuilding giant by current owners ThyssenKrupp will mark the final step in negotiations which have dragged on since 2009. The history of the facility, perhaps the best-known shipyard in Germany, has touched three centuries and included two world wars. It has been often turbulent, sometimes tragic, but always fascinating. During it the Hamburg shipyard has built not only some of the most feared ships in naval history, but also merchantmen of revolutionary design, giant ocean-going liners, fast cruise ships, legendary sailing ships and even offshore oil rigs.


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