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The oil is thought to come from Greek bulker Golden Trader.

   Oil on Swedish coastline could be from Golden Trader collision off Denmark

info Coordination marée noire
lundi 19 septembre 2011
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THE Swedish authorities have lifted over 200 cu m of oil from the sea off the country’s west coast. The oil is believed to have originated from the 48,170 dwt Golden Trader, a Greek dry bulk vessel that collided with a trawler in the Skagerrak a week ago, although the authorities remain uncertain of the source.

Following the collision the Danish authorities were able to clean up only abut 60 cu m of oil that leaked out of the side of the vessel.

The 1994-built bulk vessel was en-route from St Petersburg to Port said when it came into contact with the trawler Vidar on September 10, about 20 nautical miles off the north Danish coast. The collision ripped a hole in the vessel causing the spill.


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