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An unexplained explosion leaves vessel half-submerged, with a number of people reported to be dead and injured.

   S Korean cargo ship split by blast

info Coordination marée noire
dimanche 15 janvier 2012
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citations de l'article provenant de : Al Jazeera

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Searchers have been trying to locate the six crew members missing following Sunday’s explosion [Al Jazeera]

A South Korean cargo ship has been rocked by an explosion off the country’s west coast, officials say.

The unexplained explosion tore apart the front of the ship and left the 4,198-ton vessel half-submerged, South Korean coast guard officials said on Sunday.

At least three people were reportedly killed, with several others missing,


The cargo ship, which usually carried refined petroleum products and chemicals, was carrying 80 tons of bunker-C oil and 40 tons of diesel oil as its fuel when it exploded, the statement said.


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