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Captain unaccounted for while five crew members escape injury as boat was hit by gale-force winds and high waves

   Vessel sinks near Al Hamriya Port in Sharjah

info Coordination marée noire
mardi 24 janvier 2012
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citations de l'article provenant de : Gulf News

A week after the loss of oil tanker Lady Moon, another commercial vessel has sunk off the UAE shoreline amid gale-force winds and waves reported as high as six metres, Gulf News has learned.

Amid a cold snap hugging the country, 45-metre long supply vessel Hamed II is reported to have gone down about 30 metres off the breakwater at Al Hamriya Port sometime early Sunday morning.

The captain is unaccounted for while five of his crew members escaped injury and are in custody.

The ship’s holds were reportedly empty when she went down.

Accounts collected by Gulf News on Monday from sources in the maritime industry said that the Hamed II attempted to ride out rough sea conditions overnight and dropped anchor several hundred metres from port.

The anchor rod may have snapped and the ship drifted near shore where high winds and waves are believed to have swamped the vessel.

The ship is resting in 12 metres of water near the sunken oil tanker Lady Moon which was claimed by the heavy seas last week.


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