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SeaWind ship stranded at the Brazilian port of Fortaleza

   5 Bulgarian seafarers escape distressed ship in Brazil

info Coordination marée noire
vendredi 22 juillet 2011
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citations de l'article provenant de : Safety4Sea

A total of 5 Bulgarian seafarers have managed to escape the "SeaWind" ship stranded at the Brazilian port of Fortaleza.

Forced by the severe living conditions on the vessel, four seafarers have escaped on a boat, while one has used a raft, the Bulgarian Cherno More paper has reported.

On April 12, the 14- member crew ship with 9 Bulgarian seafarers on board was reported to be in distress near the Brazilian shore. The ship, which is transporting marble, has been arrested by Brazilian authorities due to financial debts.

There is no electricity on board of the distressed vessel and the seafarers have not received their salaries for a while, it has been reported. According to Stancho Savov, owner of the Bulgarian company in charge of "Sea Wind", the captain of the ship committed a misstake and changed its course without any reason, which has led to the distress.


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