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   Sapmer to expand Indian Ocean fishing operations

info Coordination marée noire
mardi 31 juillet 2012
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Atuna reports than French fisheries group Sapmer is to invest up to USD300 million in the fisheries sector of the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

The announcement took place at a press conference held in the Mauritian town of Port Louis last week. The conference was attended by representatives of the Board of Investment (BOI) and Sapmer.

Mauritian Minister of Fisheries, Mr Nicolas Von Mally, praised the significant investment of the group, which will allow a re-boosting of the Mauritian seafood hub and greater performance in the global economy.

To further develop the island’s tuna activities in the Indian Ocean, new purse seiners will be bought and a new processing plant will be built. These infrastructure projects will provide direct job opportunities to up to 500 persons on the island.

Sapmer will acquire a fleet of five high-performing purse seiners -40◦C freezing capabilities to operate from Mauritius. Two of these vessels will measure 90 metres in length, with the remaining three measuring 80 metres. The vessels will be built in Vietnam.

Additionally, Sapmer will invest in fish processing plants in the port area of Port Louis. It is expected the new fleet will focus on the highly sought-after sashimi-grade products for international markets, especially Japan.

The project will provide an average of 6,000 tonnes of fish per year per vessel, resulting in up to 30,000 tonnes of frozen fish stored and processed in Port Louis.

The purse seiners that will operate from Port Louis harbour will bear the Mauritian flag and will be registered in Mauritius.


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