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   Oil-slick threat from ill-fated ship

info Coordination marée noire
lundi 6 juin 2005
statut de l'article : public
citations de l'article provenant de : the statesman

An oil-slick warning from the ill-fated MV Faiz cargo vessel, conveyed by Kolkata Port Trust to the state government, has tossed the latter into the deep sea. ...
“A few years ago, the MV Fortuna sank near the Sandheads. We then asked the KoPT to conduct an inquiry on its impact and to submit a report to us. We are not sure what we would do now,” a senior officer of the environment department said.
“We must also check whether the water pollution Act applies to disasters in the high seas,” he added and admitted that the department was frantically searching for provisions in laws that would enable them to act in such situations. ...

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