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   Stranded ship tugged into deeper Bay waters

info Coordination marée noire
lundi 2 janvier 2012
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citations de l'article provenant de : Deccan Chronicle

Post cyclone, union shipping minister G.K. Vasan visited the stranded Korean vessel OSM Arena that was pushed the shore due to heavy winds caused by Thane cyclone.

The Chennai Port Trust (CPT) chairman Atulya Misra and deputy chairman P.C. Parida accompanied him.

Mr Vasan said, OSM Arena, which has been court-arrested and anchored at the outer anchorage of CPT for the last 22 months had reached about 500 metres near the shore at INS Adyar region and was anchored at 12 metres depth.

“On Saturday, the CPT officials have towed the ship with the help of tugs and repositioned her at an anchor of 15 metres depth inside the INS Adyar region,” he said adding repair works are still on and CPT would shift the vessel back to the outer anchorage soon.


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