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   Erika vu de Hong Kong

"Forward from the ’Erika"
info Coordination marée noire mercredi 4 octobre 2000

4th October 2000

The Hong Kong Shipowners Association has invited Mr. David Moorhouse, Chairman of Lloyds Register of Shipping, to be Guest of Honour at the October Association luncheon.

Classification Societies have taken some criticism recently, both from within the industry and from the general public. The sinking of the ’Erika’ and the ’Leader L’ have stirred public debate about the auditing of standards that directly seems to implicate Class. Does the criticism come from our modern day ’blame culture’ finding an easy and convenient target or is it generated from a misunderstanding of the role of Class ? Or is there lacking a redundancy to that particular link in the chain of responsibility, as one speaker at the Quality Conference in Singapore earlier this year put it ?

In his lunchtime address, Mr. Moorhouse will outline his views on the role and responsibilities of classification societies as a key part of the chain of maritime safety and will address questions raised in the aftermath of the sinking of the ’Erika’. Previously with Kvaerner Process plc as Chairman and Chief Executive and a member of the Kvaerner board, Mr. Moorhouse took the job of Chairman and Chief Executive of Lloyds Register less than a year ago, in November 1999. He is, therefore, in a unique position to be able to assess the role of Class from an outside perspective and with almost immediately having to deal with the fallout from the ’Erika’ and ’Leader L’ disasters.

Arthur Bowring, Association Director, said "Public intolerance of shipping accidents that cause pollution or loss of life will drive massive changes to the industry, both in the way we operate and in the design of the ships we build. This will be a great opportunity for all involved in or affected by the business of shipping to hear the original thoughts of an industry leader on the future role of our auditing body, Class."

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