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   Arctic shipping code seen in place by 2016 – IMO

info Coordination marée noire
jeudi 6 juin 2013
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citations de l'article provenant de : Hellenic Shipping News

A code regulating shipping in the high Arctic, where maritime traffic is expected to increase as the ice cap recedes, is due to be implemented in 2016, the U.N. shipping agency said. Shipping along the Arctic northern sea route is set to grow more than 30-fold over the next eight years and could account for a quarter of the cargo traffic between Europe and Asia by 2030.

"We are preparing a mandatory code for polar navigation," Koji Sekimizu, secretary-general of the United Nations International Maritime Organisation (IMO), said on Wednesday.

"It will be operational in 2015 (and) will probably be implemented in 2016."

The code aims to ensure safe navigation in a fragile ecological environment, where infrastructure is few and help in case of an accident is far away.


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