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According to the U.S. Navy’s Maritime Liaison Office MARLO in Bahrain, the "MOL Comfort" was on fire on June 17.

   Container vessel breaks into two at high sea

info Coordination marée noire
mardi 18 juin 2013
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citations de l'article provenant de : Times of India

MV MOL Comfort, a Bahamas flag ship, broke into two at high sea around 1,556 km or 840 nautical miles from Mumbai on Monday. The Indian Coast Guard and Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, Mumbai, along with other international agencies, rescued the 26 crews members-12 Russians and 14 Filipinos-who had jumped out of the ship into lifeboats. from MV MOL Comfort, a Bahamas flag, which broke into two at high sea around 1,556 km (840 nautical miles) from Mumbai.

A coast guard official said the 316-metre-long container vessel, which was on its way to Jeddah from Singapore, was carrying 4,500 containers. Cargo from the broken ship scattered in the water and oil spilt into the sea. "The vessel’s hull broke into two when the ship was in Yemen waters.


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