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   Ship breaks up off Goa coast

info Coordination marée noire
mercredi 26 juin 2013
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citations de l'article provenant de : Times of India

A 300-metre long container ship MOL Comfort broke into two parts mid sea about 530 nautical miles off Goa due to inclement weather, chief minister ManoharParrikar said, adding that there is no immediate danger to the Goa coastline.

Parrikar said that while the ship was earlier said to be drifting towards Goa, the ship’s owners Mitsui OSK Lines limited, deployed several tugs to tow the ship to safety. The chief minister said the real danger could be the containers, which were floating in the sea, posing a threat to other ships.

Goa secretary for ports Hage Batt stated that the Indian Coast Guard and Navy are monitoring the situation closely.

"All efforts are being made to prevent parts of the vessel from entering the Exclusive Economic Zone (300 nautical miles) off the coast," Batt said.

He also said that the chances of the vessel being salvaged are high and there is no cause for concern as the vessel is still in international waters far from the Goa coast. Local authorities and security agencies have been alerted to be vigilant for any derelicts drifting towards the Goa coast and for any eventuality.


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