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DBL-152 - "up to 3 million gallons of oil"

   Tanker hits platform trashed by hurricane

info Coordination marée noire
samedi 21 janvier 2006
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A massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that has escaped widespread notice provides graphic evidence that damage done by last year’s hurricanes poses an ongoing problem for the Gulf’s oil industry and coastal environment

A double-hulled tanker barge now drained and floating upside down at a dock off Mobile Bay was responsible for what appears to be one of the Gulf of Mexico’s largest oil spills, which received scant attention when it occurred in the early morning of Nov. 11. A gash in the hull 35 feet long and 6 feet wide released up to 3 million gallons of oil off the coasts of Louisiana and Texas.
At least two more vessels have collided with submerged platforms since the Nov. 11 incident, federal records show.


The Nov. 11 spill, described as "up to 3 million gallons of oil" in Coast Guard documents, garnered little national attention when it happened 30 miles off the Texas-Louisiana coastline. In part that was because the fuel oil on board was so heavy it sank to the seafloor as it gushed from three separate cargo holds and, according to Coast Guard news releases, has not washed up on any shorelines.

Two million gallons of oil were recovered from the ship’s hold, and some of the spilled oil was recovered from the seafloor, but rough weather immediately after the accident thwarted cleanup efforts for days at a time. It is unknown how much oil was dispersed into the sea. Scientists said heavy oils like the type on the ship tend to separate into small, pea-sized balls that can be spread by currents.


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