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info Coordination marée noire
vendredi 29 septembre 2006
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IN an update on an initiative it started in 2003 to help improve the performance of flag states on the Paris Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) “blacklist” the International Association of Classification Societies has named four countries which have failed to make any progress. Algeria, Honduras, Libya and Syria are categorised as “flags contacted but where there is no progress”.

IACS says the programme was first introduced in response to the Cyprus Administration’s proactive efforts to improve its flag state performance.

The IACS scheme involves small groups of experts from the member societies of IACS working with the Flag States on enhanced survey programmes for ships entering into the register and for remedial work following Port State Control detentions. It is designed to provide lasting improvement in the status of the Flag State.

The scheme has now been extended to cover additional flag states which authorize IACS member societies and now find themselves on the Paris or Tokyo MOU black lists and those with high targeting points on the USCG’s PSC program.

An IACS statement says : “Port state detention statistics are an important quality indicator and by focusing on the problems that cause detentions the IACS initiative has raised safety levels by encouraging both owners and Flag States to focus on the key issues.”

It adds : “The latest statistics show that flags which have responded positively to the IACS proposal have made the biggest improvements in performance, in particular the Cyprus Flag which has continually improved and is now on the white list for both the Paris and Tokyo MOU’s, as well as Malta Flag which moved to the white list of the Paris MOU.

Azerbaijan, Belize, Cambodia and Cyprus are described as “flags which have responded positively to the IACS proposal” while Egypt, Morocco, Panama and Turkey have been contacted and improvement proposals are either under discussion or awaiting implementation.”


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