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   Supreme Court permits dismantling of Norwegian ship "Blue Lady"

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mardi 11 septembre 2007
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citations de l'article provenant de : Daily India

The apex court had earlier reserved its verdict on the ship-breaking case, saying "Why should we interfere with the Technical Experts Committee (TEC)’s recommendations."

The TEC had given its nod for the dismantling the "Blue Lady", estimated to be a mass of 46,000 tonnes, mostly containing asbestos and steel material.

The apex court had received a report relating to hazardous wastes caused by ship-breaking from Dr. Prodipto Ghosh, the Chairman of the TEC on Management of Hazardous Wastes relating to Ship-breaking.In a joint report prepared last month, the TEC and the Gujarat Government had given permission for dismantling the ship with certain conditions and recommendations.


The ship, anchored at Gujarat’s Pipavav port, 73 nautical miles off Alang, has been synonymous with ’controversy’ for over a year now.

Villagers in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar District have argued that the dismantling of the ship will have a hazardous impact on 12 villages located near the Alang Ship-breaking yard.Taking recourse to Rule 12 (i) of the Hazardous Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules under the Environment Protection Act, 1986 that bans the import of asbestos, Gohil, the head of the Sosiya Village Council opined that exposure to asbestos could result in a loss of livelihood because of the contamination of the aquatic life in the sea.


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