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   Probers blame ferry master

info Coordination marée noire
Czwartek 7 sierpnia 2008
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citations de l'article provenant de : Manila Standard

POOR judgment by the master of the m/v Princess of the Stars largely contributed to the ferry’s sinking at the height of a typhoon on June 21, leaving 800 people dead, an official said yesterday.

“Generally it’s the master, that is our initial report and it will be finalized,” said master mariner Capt. Demetrio Ferrer, a member of the six-man board of marine inquiry investigating the ferry’s sinking.

He was referring to Princess Capt. who is still missing and presumed dead.


“We have master mariners on the board, on their own, and they can do that; but we can only conclude after our deliberation.”

Liwag said their inquiry would not include assigning criminal liability.

“This is a fact-finding [investigation] where we are looking into lapses in the system, on the ship and its officers,” he said.

“We have administrative liability, but limited only, and some are recommendatory to Marina [Maritime Industry Authority] and PRC [Professional Regulation Commission].

“They are the ones authorized to revoke or suspend licenses. They will look into our report to base their decision on what to do.”


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