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Workers of a cleaning unit remove oil slicks at Getares beach in Algeciras town, Cadiz province, southern Spain

   Ships remove oil off Spain from stricken freighters

info Coordination marée noire
mardi 14 octobre 2008
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citations de l'article provenant de : Gulf Times

Two ships and another 50 people on land took part yesterday in a clean-up operation in southern Spain after two freighters ran aground last week, spilling oil into the sea, local authorities said. The officials did not indicate how much oil was recovered, but the Lisbon-based European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) said on Monday that “several tonnes” had so far been removed from the waters near the Strait of Gibraltar.
An EMSA ship, the Bahia Tres, was working with a Spanish navy vessel, the Clara Campoamor, to remove oil from the sea, a maritime rescue services spokesman said.
“Air surveillance carried out this morning show that the oil slicks have become much smaller, they are very dispersed and of weak density” when compared to Monday, he told AFP.
Traces of pollution were spotted off Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in the north of Morocco, on Monday, he added.
The government of the southwest region Andalusia said fuel had soiled two beaches at Algeciras and Tarifa, and 50 people involved in cleaning them up had so far removed about 10s m of residue.
Most of the oil slicks have come from the Greek-owned Fedra, which broke in two on Saturday after it ran ashore off the coast of the British colony of Gibraltar, close to Algesiras.


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