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Abandoned Crew :

   Four Filipino crew members of the Chinese fishing boat WUNAN are on their way home.

Andrew MWANGURA lundi 2 février 2009

As earlier reported the vessel and crew were arrested and prosecuted by authorities of Madagascar for illegal fishing.
The ill-fated vessel is being strained from sailing by the authorities until the fine is paid.
Since the company so far failed to pay, the boat’s crew, though it had been released from detention were stranded in Madagascar for 6 months since last year.
The prosecuting court made the crew subject to repatriation, but the men were stranded, since the crewing manager had not provided them with the fare to return home.

With the intervention of the AoS Philippines,Seafarers Assistance Program, the Philippines Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration, Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs and Nairobi Philippines Embassy the Filipino a solution for the Filipino crew was found and they are now on their way home.
Illegally fishing Chinese vessels in the Indian Ocean are a constant threat and their crews are kept like slaves.

Andrew Mwangura

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