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  Maltese-flagged Ship Lists To One Side Off Amasra

    mardi 26 décembre 2006

Published : 12/26/2006


AMASRA - A Maltese-flagged cargo ship was adrift off Amasra town of northern city of Bartin under strong winds early on Tuesday.

Amasra Port Directorate officials told the A.A that the ship, named "Flora", which anchored at Amasra port, was adrift and listed to one side after it leaked in water.

Officials noted that "Flora" has 11 crew members, however, neither zodiac rescue boats nor two Skorsky helicopters of Prime Ministry Maritime Undersecretariat could reach the ship due to bad weather conditions.

The helicopters returned back to Ankara and will back rescue efforts after heavy snowfall ends in Amasra.

Officials said that crew members are in good health.

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