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  Mysterous Ammunition Ship

    mercredi 25 mai 2011


The 1563 dwt freighter Danica Brown was reported disabled off the coast of Gibraltar after its main engine broke down on May 18th. The vessel was towed to Gibraltar and was initially berthed at the repair yard, but was later ordered to be towed to a different anchorage.

After an inspection, officals did not want the vessel close to populated area of the territory (see Halifax Explosion why they ordered the vessel away). The reason was that the Danica Brown loaded with a mix of ammunition including small arms, bombs and explosives.
The cargo had been loaded in the United Kingdom and was to be delivered to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with stops in Cherbourg and Algiers. When parts arrived to repair the main engine, the Danica Brown was not repaired in Gibraltar.

An offical source stated that the Danica Brown was taken under tow to an “undisclosed destination” somewhere in the Mediterranean. However, a vessel tracking system shows the Danica Brown heading toward the Atlantic.

This leaves many questions that may never be answered.

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