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  Crew evacuated, vessel drifting with heavy list, Taiwan

    dimanche 16 septembre 2012

New Lucky III

General cargo vessel New Lucky 3 issued distress signal at 04:50 UTC Sep 15 2012 reporting dangerous list developed after cargo shift in a stormy weather 35 nautical miles off the coast of Bali in northwestern Taiwan. Vessel loaded with logs was en route to China.
Taiwan Search and Rescue Command Center coordinated the rescue operation involving helicopter and Coast Guard ship. Helicopter airlifted 7 crew members, CG ship picked 9, the master of the vessel fell to the sea during rescue and went missing. Derelict vessel with heavy list is drifting at sea posing a threat to vessels in the area. Rescued crew consisting of 3 Chinese, 3 Filipinos, and 10 Indonesians was taken to Keelung, Taiwan.

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