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  Detained tanker waiting for oil buyer

    mercredi 14 novembre 2012

The "Agdash" was found to be overloaded when passing the North Lock in Brunsbuettel westbound underway from Sillamea to Antwerp in the night of Nov 14, 2012. The ship carried 12350 tons heavy fuel.
During a routine control the police remarked that the ship was appartently low in the water. A freeboard calculation showed that the required minimum freeboard was exceeded by 10.5 cm, corresponding to an overload of 200 tons of heavy fuel oil. Since the ship had no ballast water on board, the Safety Department of the Trade Association ordered the equvalent of oil to be unloaded until the minimum freeboard was achieved. The tanker then moved to the Neufeld anchorage and waited for a local buyer for the oil.

The captain had to pay a security deposit and face misdemeanor proceedings.