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  Commercial ships collide in Singapore waters

    jeudi 7 octobre 2004

Commercial ships collide in Singapore waters

SINGAPORE : Two commercial vessels collided in Singapore’s busy shipping lane on Wednesday, but the accident did not lead to any oil spill or cause either ship to sink, maritime authorities said.

The accident occurred at 4:47am between two Panama-registered ships, the bulk carrier MV Heng Shan and container vessel MV MSC Lucia, about six kilometres off Singapore’s southern coast.

"There was no report of any injury and no oil pollution. Port operations and vessel traffic remain unaffected," the Maritime and Port Authority said in a statement.

The MV Heng Shan was loaded with 160,000 tonnes of iron ore and MV MSC Lucia had more than 700 containers on board.

Both vessels were listed as being in a "stable condition" despite suffering damage to their hulls.