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  Myre Seadiver : All imprisoned sailors released

    mercredi 23 octobre 2013

The last member of the Russian crew from the "Myre Seadiver", freed from custody by the Federal Court of Lagos, has returned to Russia from Nigeria. Five crewmembers returned to Russia from Nigeria on Oct 10-11. The "Myre Seadiver", operated by a Russian crew of 15, was stopped at the port of Lagos on Oct 19, 2012. 14 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 42 rifles, and over 8,500 rounds of ammunition had been found onboard. The vessel was being held at a Nigerian naval base in Lagos since. Moran Security Group confirmed that the ship was indeed carrying weapons and ammunition. On June 18, a court in Nigeria acquitted and freed eight of the 15 detained Russian sailors. The court freed the crewmembers who had arrived in Nigeria by helicopter and were then taken to the ship by a marine agent. The crewmembers who reached Nigeria by sea remained in custody. The Lagos Federal Court ruled on Oct 8 to lift the charges of the seven Russian sailors. On Oct 22, all naval sailors that stayed in the prison were released.


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