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  Days long salvage operation in 11-meter-waves

    mardi 21 janvier 2014

On Jan 16, 2014, the "Tove" whilst coming from Edinburgh, suffered engine failure and went adrift near some oil platforms in the North Sea. Due to the raging storm the professional tugs gave up and the crew of Coastguard vessel "Bergen" was left to help on Jan 17 in the morning and avoid the threatening allision by establishing a towing connection and pull the vessel past the platforms of Utsiragrunna with the "Bredford Dolphin" as the nearest one north of the Sleipner-platforms. On scene was a storm with hurricane-force winds and 11 meters wave height. The weather was so bad that the crew of the "Tove" could not move on the deck at the bow, so the towing wire had to be connected at the stern once the "Bergen" was on site at midnight. At 1.40 a.m. a line had been successfully fired onto the stern of the "Tove" and recovered by its crew, followed by the strong towing wire, so that the tow could start. The "Bergen" pulled the ship in an easterly - northeasterly direction but drifted into a northerly direction as the "Bergen" could not use its full pulling force. After 14 hours the "Tove" was pulled behind the Patchbank platforms where the weather improved a little bit, so that the convoy headed to Marstein. Here the tug "Luca" took over and pulled the disabled vessel to Bergen where it berthed on Jan 19 at 6.30 p.m. The "Bergen" proceeded to Haakonsvern to repair damage ship and equipment had suffered during the difficult operation. None of the six crew on board the "Tove" nor the 24 on board the "Bergen" were injured.

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