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Alpesca is an integrated company, a pioneer in Argentina for the last 25 years in the application of technology to catch and process fish and the leader in the development of value added products for the world market. It is based in Puerto Madryn, Chubut, in Argentine Patagonia where it catches, processes, exports products and manages the operation. The company’s commercial offices and the Trading unit are in Buenos Aires. The core business is the manufacture of fish products of high value, mainly hake (Merluccius hubbsi) and for this purpose the company holds a yearly hake quota of 30,000 ton.
The industrial process is run with state of the art technology. There is primary processing where fresh fish is transformed into a wide product line that includes different natural portions such as loins and fillets that are sold in retail and bulk packs for the retail and foodservice chains, plus the manufacture of Finished products where a fish base is enriched by a sauce and other ingredients to end up as an easy to cook food solution.
The second important operation is the catch, freezing on board and export of shrimp caught in the icy waters of Patagonia.
The company has a fleet of 6 wet fish trawlers and 6 shrimp freezer vessels fitted with the latest generation equipment required to achieve good quality and an efficient operation. The company has a second industrial plant in San Antonio Oeste, province of Río Negro that processes fish caught at the San Matias Gulf for which it holds a 2500 ton quota of hake and bycatch. The core business of this plant is to sell fresh fish air freighted to Europe and frozen products made of hake and other species.
ALPESCA is fully owned by a South African Group, Irvin and Johnson, a leading company in the South African market and of amazing growth in the international arena. Irvin and Johnson was founded in 1910 and therefore is supported by 100 years of experience in the fishing and the fish food industry offering a broad product line.


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