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   Crew still languishing in ship, thank firm for aid

info Coordination marée noire
mercredi 11 mai 2011

Amid dimming hopes, the officers and crew of supertanker Samho Dream, who have been braving impending hunger after being stranded in Dubai waters, have found a Good Samaritan in a Dubai firm.

International Bunkering Middle East, a member of a Europe-based shipping and bunker trading group, has delivered provisions including canned and fresh food items to the stranded ship.

An employee of International Bunkering has confirmed that it was his company which supplied the provisions to Samho Dream, free of cost following reports published in Khaleej Times.

“We are in this business and our guys are also out in the sea ... we can imagine how difficult their situation could be,” said Felix Teo Yu Chuan, a senior bunker and lubricant trader with the firm.

“Our Managing Director Carsten Ladekjaer and team decided to supply them with canned and fresh food items for free after reading about their situation,” he said adding that the supply would be sufficient for those aboard till the end of the month. One of the 26 men on board said the crew did not know who supplied the provisions four days ago. Apparently, they were initially hesitant to accept the relief fearing that they would be asked to pay for it. However, once they got to know that it was free of cost, they accepted it.

When Khaleej Times informed them that it was a donation, they thanked International Bunkering Middle East.

Nevertheless, other woes continue to plague the ship that has been stranded in Dubai waters, along with another oil tanker Samho Crown.

The ship and oil tanker have been stranded for over three months after the South Korean company Samho Shipping ran into rough weather following piracy attacks on two of its vessels including Samho Dream itself. The crew of Samho Dream have made a fresh appeal to Samho Shipping and their management office in Philippines, Solpia Marine and Ship Management Inc.

“The ship is not conducive for living anymore. We are suffering a lot. We lost the right to meet the basic needs in order to live. We cannot maintain proper meal time and sometimes we eat spoiled food due to insufficient supply of fuel that runs the generators. We have limited water supply (having 1 hour/day of usage) and no proper toilet to use. Generators are only (for) use at night time and so, it’s very hot during daytime especially since summer is starting now in Gulf,” their email, a copy of which is with Khaleej Times, said. “We understand the company’s (situation). But you should also understand our side. Maybe, we can bear the heat that touches our skin, the spoiled food we eat, washing our laundry and saving water within an hour.

But knowing the situation of our families is not good anymore. We are working here to give our families a good life. How can we give that to them if our salaries and their allotments are not given ?” the crew asked. Warning that the company had breached the terms and conditions of their employment contract, the crew demanded immediate action to solve their problems 
on board.

“If you cannot comply your responsibility to us and our families it is so much better to send us home with our SALARIES AND COMPENSATION.

And all the travel expenses should be shouldered by the company. Let us not wait till something happens here on board because everyone is running out of patience as each one is fighting by himself in order to survive this ordeal,” the mail added.


The assets of the company are now under the control of seven banks.


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