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   Majority of stranded crew left stranded ship

info Coordination marée noire
mardi 16 avril 2013

The majority of the crew of the "Belita" who have been unpaid and lacking in basic human requirements finally flew home over the Weekend Apr 13/14, 2013. For the last few months nine Pakistani crew were stranded onboard the reefer in Port Victoria in the Seychelles. They have had no drinking water, food or fuel, meaning that the crew had to sleep on deck due to the lack of light and fresh air, in the end the Port authority installed pilotage lights to protect the vessel. The crew also had to collect rain water for drinking water, until the rain ceased. They used their meager savings to buy rice and beans supplemented by fish they themselves caught. The crew had previously been on another vessel owned by same company where again they said they had received no salary or food. On the promise of being paid the crew transferred to the vessel in the Seychelles, meaning they had not been paid for six months.


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