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   UK Nuclear Submarine Hits Red Sea Rocks

info Coordination marée noire
jeudi 29 mai 2008

A stricken British nuclear submarine was adrift in the Red Sea last night with 112 crewmen trapped aboard. HMS Superb was submerged on a training exercise when it ran head-on into rocks, seriously damaging its sonar equipment.

According to London’s Daily Mirror, the terrified crew thought they had hit the ocean bed. “The vessel was at such a depth that when it hit, those on board thought they had hit the bottom of the ocean. There would have been a significant impact but the emergency procedures were quickly put into place,” the newspaper quoted a source as saying. “The crew were shaken but none are injured. With a nuclear reactor on board there are real fears for the stability of the vessel and the safety of those on board but tests showed everything was OK.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense confirmed no other vessel was involved and said the reactor was “completely unaffected”.

He added : “There were no casualties and the sub remains watertight and able to operate under her own power.”


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