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  update : MV SEMLOW and Taiwanese fishing vessels

    vendredi 23 septembre 2005

MV SEMLOW and Taiwanese fishing vessels

MV Semlow has left port El-maan heading to unkown destination.

Reports reaching here last evening say that there was a miss understanding between the gun men,local elders and El-maan port authority.

Meanwhile, I beg to let you know that a good contact in Kismayo has agreed to assist the Asian crew members of the three Taiwanese fishing boats under captivity in the Island of Koyame some 60 km south of Kismayo.

The seafarers are being held captive since last August by a group of Somali gun men known as Volunteer National Coast Guard.

The hostages are Chinese,Taiwanese,Indonesians and Vietnamese.

A fine amouting to USD$ 5,000 per person has been imposed to the 48+ hostages for illegal fishing along Somali territorial waters. The captors belongs to Marehen tribe of Juba Valley,Southern Somalia.

Andrew Mwangura

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