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  SMIT Salvage Completes Oil Discharge from Costa Concordia Double Bottom Tanks

    mardi 6 mars 2012

source : Seanews .tr

Wednesday, 07.Mar.2012, 00:58 (GMT+2)

On Friday afternoon the salvage team completed the discharge of Heavy Fuel Oil, Diesel Oil and Sludge form the Double Bottom Tanks.

Weather permitting the crane barge ‘Meloria’ will now be moved forward in her moorings in between the stabilizer and the large damaged area.

An access hole will be created in the hull to allow the divers to enter the engine room spaces where the settling and service tanks are located. Once the connections have been installed, the contents will be transferred to the offloading tanker. Thereafter the contents of the sewage tanks will also be pumped out of the ship.

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