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   SKorean Tanker Leaks Oil After Collision

info Coordination marée noire
mercredi 12 mars 2008
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An oil tanker collided with a fishing boat off South Korea’s southern coast, causing the tanker to leak nearly 58,000 gallons of oil into the ocean, the Coast Guard said Wednesday.

Coast Guard spokesman Kang Byung-mun said the collision Tuesday night should not cause any major environmental damage because the amount leaked was relatively small and of a type of light oil that can easily evaporate.

Most of the oil floating on the water had been retrieved by late afternoon by about 50 ships mobilized for cleanup work, Kang said. Still, some vessels would continue work to scoop up the remaining oil Thursday morning, he said.

Earlier Kang had said no more than 52,920 gallons was expected to have leaked.


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