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  Svitzer appointed for wreck removal

    Jueves 6 de marzo de 2014

Gard, the insurer of the "Luno"-owner Naviera Murueta has appointed the salvage company Svitzer with the removal of the wreck.
Work was set to begin around Mar 20 and end two months later on the earliest. Svitzer will carry the needed equipment from the Netherlands base by ship to Anglet. Work will involve about 20 people.
The City of Anglet, but also the port owner and state authorities have agreed to the submitted plan. First, some parts of the foreship will be taken off before the section is winched onto the beach for dismantling. Then the accomodation block will be pulled onto the foreshore, before the most delicate phase is started, the removal of the stern from a depth of 15 meters. It first has to be located by sonar and cut up with thermal lances and removed with a giant claw and a hydraulic magnet.