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  Anti-whaling campaign boat rammed and sunk

    mercredi 6 janvier 2010

Wednesday, 06 January 2010 04:22

A Japanese security vessel today "rammed" anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd’s stealth boat , ‘Ady Gil’ while the vessel was idling near Commonwealth Bay in the Antarctic, the group alleges.

According to the group’s leader, Paul Watson, the vessel has sunk but its crew of six has been rescued and are unharmed.

Mr Watson claimed that ‘Ady Gil’ had been idling in water when it was suddenly approached and rammed by the ‘Shonan Maru’, a security ship which is part of the Japanese whaling fleet.

“This seriously escalates the whole situation,” Mr Watson told The Age newspaper. “According to the Institute of Cetacean Research, the ‘Ady Gil’s’ crew was launching projectiles at the ‘Nishin Maru’ and attempted to entangle its propellers with rope.”

Last November, Mr Watson had said that the ‘Ady Gil’ would be used to intercept chaser boats belonging to the whaling fleet.

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