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  Coast guard begins oil clean-up after ship sinks off Mumbai

    Monday 8 August 2011

Added At: 2011-08-07 9:50 PM

Last Updated At: 2011-08-07 9:50 PM


NEW DELHI: The Indian coast guard today began cleaning up oil leaking from a merchant ship that sank off Mumbai three days ago.

Two coast guard ships were using chemicals to clean up the oil spread over an area of 7 nautical miles, Navy spokesman Capt. Manohar Nambiar said.

“We have estimated that between 1.5 to 2 tonnes per hour of oil is leaking,” Nambiar said.

The 225-metre vessel, which had been transporting coal from Indonesia to the western Indian state of Gujarat, was estimated to be carrying about 325 tonnes of fuel oil and 56 tonnes of diesel, the coast guard said.

The navy rescued 30 crew members from Indonesia, Jordan and Romania after receiving a distress signal from the ship. Local fishermen discovered the leak, prompting coast guard and navy helicopters to survey the area today morning before launching the clean-up.

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