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  Death toll climbs to 6 in Taiwan shipping accident

    Tuesday 4 October 2011

October 04, 2011|Associated Press

The death toll in an accident involving a cargo vessel that ran aground off Taiwan’s northern coast has risen from four to six.

In a statement Tuesday, Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration says it is continuing to search for the four missing crew members from the Panamanian-registered Jui Hsing.

The ship, with a crew of 21, ran aground in stormy seas Monday and broke into two parts off the port of Keelung.

The administration says 11 sailors have been rescued.

Taiwanese officials say the accident caused 300 tons of oil to spill into the sea. Experts say cleanup efforts could take a year.

Taiwan was under the influence of Typhoon Nalgae throughout the weekend. The storm pummeled the northern Philippines.

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