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  31 Indians and eight Ukrainians stranded off Mumbai

    dimanche 19 mai 2013

The "Kamal XXXVI" which had got struck along with its 39 crew members for the last months off Mumbai , has not been provided with fuel, provisions or any means of safe exit by the owning Company. The ship which is owned by the Jaisu Shipping Co. Pvt Ltd., has 31 Indian crew members and eight Ukrainians on board and is being stuck three miles off the port near Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust for the last five months.

Since that time it has not been provided by provisions, medical help by the company. There is a total power blackout on the vessel, with its crews surviving on noodles and pasta and their health conditions deteriorating. The ship may also be endangered in harsh weather as it is without power and maneuvering capacity. The office of the shipping company also stopped communications with the crew stuck onboard. (2 hours ago, by Timsen )

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