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  Baltic Ace leaking oil

    Wednesday 19 June 2013

The "Baltic Ace" has started leaking oil, Rijkswaterstaat announced on June 18, 2013. The ship sank on Dec 5, 2012, after a collision with the container ship "Corvus J.", about 65 kilometers off the coast of Zeeland. 11 People died. In January, the Navy had to give up the search. The Coast Guard saw the leakage during a regular inspection flight on June 14 at the wreeck Location. Due to the strong winds and high waves it was not possible to clean up the oil.

Meanwhile most of the leaked oil dispersed. About 1,000 liters were left, and it was not expected the oil would reach the shore. Rijkswaterstaat has tasked a salvage company commissioned to conduct further investigations and repair the leak. The company will start on June 19. In January, the removal of the oil had been stopped. Experts found that the oil had been solidified- Negotiations with the owner of the "Baltic Ace" to remove whole ship have not yet been completed.

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