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  Saved crew enroute to Saipan, Rich Forest unwilling to sink yet

    Jueves 23 de enero de 2014

On Jan 22 the 24 survivors of the "Rich Forest" were safely transferred from the bulkcarrier "C.S. Sunshine" to the Coast Guard Cutter "Sequoia", and the "C.S. Sunshine" has been released from the case and continued its voyage to Japan. The "Sequoia" and the Coast Guard Cutter "Assateague" conducted a final visual assessment of the "Rich Forest", before departing for the islands of Saipan, Common Wealth of Northern Mariana Islands and Guam. The "Sequoia" was being expected to arrive in Saipan on Jan 24 where the survivors were to be met by Department of Homeland Security Investigations for processing and the Assateague will make its way back to its homeport of Guam. The "Rich Forest" was reported to be riding low at the stern, but still afloat and the owner has continued to pursue options for salvaging the vessel. The ship, carrying logs enroute to China, experienced flooding in the engine room on Jan 20 and subsequent loss of propulsion. The Chinese crew reported the vessel was taking on 160 tons of water per hour and generators had failed.

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