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  Kiribati (pavillon)

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Kiribati ILO Member since 2000 . Has ratified a total of 4 ILO Conventions (4 in force)

Has ratified 4 of the eight ILO Fundamental Conventions

Forced Labour Freedom of association Discrimination Child Labour
C. 29 C. 105 C. 87 C. 98 C. 100 C. 111 C. 138 C.182
03/02/2000 03/02/2000 03/02/2000 03/02/2000 - - - -

The Kiribati Ship Registry is established in Singapore, and has the exclusive authority to register vessels under the Kiribati Flag on behalf of the Kiribati Government. The Kiribati Ship Registry has full authority to issue all the necessary certificates for vessels flying the Kiribati Flag.

International Ship Registries Pte Ltd (ISR) is the registration agent for the following Flag States :

* Mongolia
* Tuvalu
* Kiribati

The operational headquarters of ISR is based in Singapore(**)

le pays

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