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   Gale-force winds vex operation to salvage Cypriot cargo ship

info Coordination marée noire
jeudi 18 janvier 2007

Gale-force winds and high waves were preventing rescuers Thursday from salvaging a Cypriot cargo ship that ran aground off Latvia’s coast and was leaking oil into the Baltic Sea.

The Greek-owned Golden Sky was carrying 25,000 metric tons (27,500 short tons) of mineral fertilizer when the accident occurred Monday in heavy seas.

All 24 crew were rescued by helicopter.


Some fuel had reached the coast where local authorities had begun a mop-up operation, said Vilnis Avotins, head of the State Environmental Service.


The Golden Sky encountered engine problems during a storm in the early hours of Monday and dropped anchor. However, the storm broke the anchor chain tossing the ship aground.

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