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imprimé le Mardi 21 Septembre 2021       

  Silver 4900 tons oil pumped ashore

    mardi 7 janvier 2014

source : Vesseltracker

The operation of extracting the oil from the "Silver" off Tan Tan was completed on Jan 6 at 3:45a.m. without incidents. 4900 tons of industrial fuel were drained and sent directly to the mainland via pipes of 12 cm diameter, which had been secured with iron wires. The pumping rate was 65 tons per hour. The oil was transferred to the thermal station of Tan-Tan, 1.5 km from the accident site, and stored in a tank with a capacity of 5000 tonnes. The operation involved 182 tank trucks with a capacity of 25 tons each.Regarding the salvage, a tug with a power of 3,000 hp was coming from Casablanca and expected on scene at midnight. 

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